UI/UX Design for a custom responsive web based event application for quantum computing events

UI/UX Design for a custom responsive web based application for quantum computing events

  • Presented weekly updates and options for the stakeholders and refined mockups based on feedback
  • Reviewed PR's in GitHub for the front end developers
Led the UI/UX design for a Forest Machine Connectivity project

UI/UX Design for an enterprise IoT SaaS based application for forestry managers

Led the UI/UX design for a "Forest Machine Connectivity" project – a digital transformation application for the forestry industry
  • A "Digital Supercluster" project, in partnership with two of the largest forestry companies in Canada, and the the UBC forestry department
  • Provided high fidelity interactive mockups for web and mobile apps, and incorporated refinements based on stakeholder feedback in regular design review meetings
UI/UX Design for an ecommerce website

UI/UX Design for a large international ecommerce website

Led the UI/UX design on projects for the enterprise global TI.com website, in collaboration with stakeholders across multiple business units
  • Designed updates for a comprehensive international expansion project – integrating a seamless ecommerce buying experience and additional local currency options for customers in Europe and Asia
  • Provided research and recommendations for web accessibility compliance (WCAG 2.0)
UI/UX Design for an ecommerce app

UI/UX Design for an ecommerce application

Designed responsive web page updates for the IBM Commerce Aurora store frameworks for B2B and B2C.
  • For user access levels: B2B buyer, B2B org admin, B2C customer and B2C customer service rep.
  • Refined iterations based on client feedback
UI Design

UI Design

Provided UI and graphic design for responsive web pages
  • Optimized image assets with color correction and photo manipulation
  • Designed custom favicons, touch icons and other assets
  • Maintained updates in a global pattern library
  • Followed best practises for accessibility compliance


Created responsive wireframes and hi-fidelity interactive prototypes for the IBM Commerce Aurora store framework
  • The wireframe files were shipped with the IBM Commerce software as part of the companion assets
Ecommerce Design and SaaS Development

Ecommerce Store Design and SaaS Development

Provided UI/UX design and front-end development for the Canadian Firestone agricultural dealers ecommerce site
  • With accompanying print support material and personalized enewsletters
  • Built with BigCommerce
Graphic Design for Print

Graphic Design for Print

Designed custom pension & benefits materials for many large corporate clients
  • Including – annual reports, posters, new employee welcome packages and total compensation statements with variable data
Project Branding

Project Branding

For large scale civil/environmental engineering projects
  • Including – award winning presentations, proposals, public information centre displays, posters, large format displays, photo-realistic conceptual renderings (aerial, structural and architectural)
  • Design & development of municipal project micro-sites
Web production

Web production

Sole web producer for the Today’s Parent website – Canada’s most popular parenting site with over 10,000 visitors per day
  • Designed and developed site updates, web exclusive sections, contests and ad banners
  • Set up blogs, forums, podcasts, videos and contests
  • Designed / deployed HTML email newsletters to over 200,000 users per month
  • Compiled monthly analytics reports for web and enewsletters
Custom web portal design

Custom web portal design

Designed custom HR "pension & benefit" portal websites for many large corporate clients
  • Provided design notes and assets for the developers
Web based applications for insurance

Web based applications for insurance

Provided UI/UX design for a large international insurance company
  • Designed internal web based SaaS insurance applications for brokers and actuaries
  • With Google map API integration – incorporating GIS information at the FSA level
  • Designed a "customer lifetime value" marketing app
UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps

UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps

Designed Android, IoS and hybrid mobile applications for apartment site managers, paramedics, law enforcement and forestry managers
Social Media Content Creation

Social Media

  • Won a writing contest and was chosen to be one of the 'Official Bloggers' for the Canadian National Exhibition
  • Created a popular 'Design Thinking' presentation on SlideShare with over 36,000 views
  • Won an internal international IBM "shark tank" style contest for presenting an innovative idea for social media integration with the IBM Commerce software